Aston Martin, that uniquely British builder of beautiful sports luxury cars is planning to expand its horizons and its sexy product portfolio. And it’s now in an excellent position to do so.

Tobias Moers, the man who took the reigns of Aston Martin Lagonda this summer as it’s new CEO, released a positive and optimistic progress report on Aston Martin’s aggressive new business plan today. Moer’s bold ambitions to build and expand Aston Martin’s product portfolio, increase sales, and make Aston Martin one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world are one step closer to reality.

The lynchpin of that plan is a cooperative agreement with Mercedes-Benz AG that was struck last week. This agreement gives Aston Martin access to Mercedes-Benz advanced technologies that will assist Aston Martin in the areas of design, engineering, and manufacturing while easing the associated financial burden. This sharing of technologies is essential to Aston Martin’s future as it will allow it to both remain competitive on the world stage and to focus more of it’s investment capital in the areas that truly differentiate Aston’s products from it’s competitors.

As a result of this cooperation and shared expense, Aston-Martin has been able to retool their business plans to include an expanding product portfolio. As a result, a wide range of new, exciting, and of course beautiful products are in development. According to Moers, they are now in an excellent position with the right management team, the right business partner, and the funding necessary to transform Aston Martin into one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world and a cutting-edge automotive tour de force.

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