GTspirit was delighted to be invited to attend 30th anniversary of the legendary Bugatti
factory in Campogalliano (Italy). In this place, in 1990 Romano Artioli dream came true, giving
rebirth to Bugatti brand, developing and producing the wonderful Bugatti EB110s in GT, SS and
even LM versions.

Unfortunately, as everybody knows, the dream lasted not for long as the Bugatti automobili SPA,
due to poor economic conditions, went bankrupt and ceased operations in 1995. What was left of
the Italian adventure after liquidators came is the wonderful factory, now privately owned, and for
30 years had been kept in order by the 2 custodians Enrico and Ezio Pavesi.

Their enthusiasm is what triggered the idea to organise this wonderful and emotional event
reuniting Romano Artioli, old Bugatti employees and naturally all Bugatti enthusiast and a few
collectors as well.

Stephan Winkelmann, the current President of Bugatti, was among the guests of honor and on a
public speech showed his appreciation for the Factory affirming “..The Blue Factory set standards
in the automotive industry at that time; it was more of a manufacturer than an industrial plant.
Romano Artioli had a feel for innovation, but was always conscious of the French history and
significance of Bugatti..”

As a homage to the celebration, Bugatti SAS displayed the two legends that were born under VW
era, the Bugatti Veyron and the Chiron in Super Sport WRE and Sport versions and last but not
least the special model Centodieci concept car.

Well, probably this will be the last time that a celebration will be held in this special location,
keyword now is “look ahead at the future” hoping that the Factory of Campogalliano will be back
again one day as forge of cutting edge technology. A presto!

Photos by Yaron Esposito – @Aaronandcars)

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