The 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series was officially unveiled earlier this week. It is the lightest car in the GT line up, utilising carbon fibre parts to make a small weight saving over the standard model.

The Ford GT has been sold out since it was first announced. Yet Ford announced a few weeks ago that it was planning to produce a further 350 examples, on top of the 1,000 that have already been allocated. Those already in line to receive a Ford GT have the option of taking the Carbon Series.

The Carbon Series is the Fifth option available for the Ford GT. Ford have previously offered a Competition Series together with three Heritage Editions commemorating the years 1966 and 1967.

The Carbon Series saves 40 lbs of weight over the Competition model using carbon fibre wheels and a polycarbonate engine cover among other parts. The GT is already produced using massive amounts of carbon fibre, Ford adds exposed carbon fibre stripes running down the centre, A-pillars and lower body panels.

A unique optional accent package also offers four color choices for matching the mirror caps, center stripe and callipers. Other than the above changes, everything else remains the same.

Customers who have a Ford GT on order can now convert to the Ford GT Carbon Series. Ford will make one of these special models each week. The 350 car increased production run will be filled through an application process which has already opened. More details about that can be found on Ford’s website.

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