Video footage has emerged over the weekend of an incident involving a Porsche GT3 RS and a Proton in Malaysia. If you haven’t read the title, you are probably thinking that the GT3 RS was travelling too quickly and the accident was entirely avoidable. If so, you are wrong!

The GT3 RS is one of the pasted track-ready road cars in the world so it is easy to imagine this accident happening the other way round. Sadly, it was the Proton which was to blame for the demise of the GT3 RS in this situation.

The above dashcam footage shows the accident take place. The GT3 RS seems to be following another GT3 at reasonable highway speeds when it undertakes the camera car. Following the standard GT3, another car cuts across from the right lane into the middle lane. The Proton attempts to follow the GT3 RS with the undertake manoeuvre. Carrying a little too much speed, it attempts to move into the middle lane, only to meet traffic, forcing it into the path of the GT3 RS.

It seems that, thankfully, no injuries occurred. We have heard that the driver of the Proton was uninsured and had not been issued a valid license at the time of the accident. The damage to the GT3 RS looks repairable.

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