Geneva Motor Show 2011 Highlights

Today we wrap up our Geneva Motor Show 2011 coverage with the highlights of the show. Shmee150 created a video showing all the highlights of Geneva. Vote for your favourite supercar in Geneva below!

Geneva 2011 Exit Poll:

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  1. Fantastic video,wraps up all the highlights of this years best motor show.I think its beyond doubt that the favorite supercar was the LP700,now the contest is who is getting 2nd place.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like the new Lamborghini. It looks like a Gallardo (which I always thought looked like a European Fiero lol) mixed with a Reventón (which should have been exciting, but just left me feeling like they copied themselves).

    The interior is fantastic, but I can’t think of a scenario where I’d be excited to own one.

    The Agera R on the other hand is beautiful. It actually reminds of the first time I saw a Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC with AMG enhancements. All white, inside and out, white wheels and a performance package to humble a Ferrari. This is a real look and as always the performance is going to be top notch. Now here’s a thought – what does the next generation Koenigsegg look like?


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