What frontiers are left when you already own one of the world’s most exclusive cars? You hire Mansory to make it even more exclusive. This Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is reskinned in carbon fibre but instead of using traditional carbon cloth, Mansory utilizes a new carbon fabric called Marble Collage. The effect is stunning. The new body of the Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti consists of modified wings, a shortened hood, a striking front apron, and a new carbon fibre lip for additional downforce. The LED running lights integrated into the front fascia and the new air intakes with eyebrow optics create a new look on what is now a classic. New skirts run along the sides. In back, larger air outlets on the flanks and rear provide a new look and improved engine cooling. The new diffuser is Mansory’s own design as well.

The suspension is left alone but the cars rides on elegant new forged alloy wheels with slim spokes for improved brake cooling – important in a 265 mph car.

Interior lighting is a huge part of the new design. Ambient LED lighting in the seats, door panels, and the instrument panel set off the carbon fibre trim and the skillfully quilted black and white leather inside, giving a super-exclusive feel to an already exclusive legend.

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