Avid petrol heads often pride themselves on recognizing virtually any production car, and spotting them is usually an ongoing process in their mind (we speak from experience). But how well do you know your classics, when you only have an X-Ray to go off?

British artist Nick Veasey, known for his work with x-ray equipment, has created a series of x-rays of iconic classic cars. The x-ray artworks reveal in stunning detail the engineering excellence and design flair that went into the making of these beautiful and historic cars. The cars featured range from the ever-popular VW Beetle to the elegant Mercedes 300sl Gullwing. The earliest car is the pioneering De Dion-Bouton and the latest is the quintessential sports car from Maranello: the Ferrari F40. The series also includes the tiny Fiat 500 and interesting quirky vehicles such as the BMW Issetta and Messerschmitt KR200.

Observant viewers can see the intricacies, invisible to the naked eye, that went into making many of today’s iconic classics. A closer look at the images reveals anything from the valves in the engine, the fuel in the tank and the springs in the seats. But can you name all the models? Let us know!

To see more of Nick’s work, visit his website at www.rupert-roth.de or reach him via his email [email protected]

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