Besides all the goodness coming from Audi’s Sport division, the brand with the four rings also gives us a glimpse into the future with the Audi Aicon Concept car at the 2017 IAA in Frankfurt. The futuristic looking super sedan is fully autonomous, provides space for up to four passengers and is powered by four individual electric motors.

In the flesh its sheer size is all the more impressive. In length it measures well over 5 meters and is longer than the flagship Audi A8L. The inside is just as futuristic as the outside, which is fitted with two ergonomic seats and a bench that seats two at the rear panel.

Apart from the wealth of interior space, the electric powertrain setup also allows for plenty of luggage space. Passengers can stow luggage in both a front and rear compartment, providing a total of 660 liters of luggage space.

The four electric motors are divided among the four wheels and deliver a total output of 260 kW and 550 Nm of torque. The concept vehicle is equipped with variable Quattro all-wheel drive and two identical steerable axles. Despite its length and width, the Aicon has a turning radius of just 8.5 meters.

The all-electric Aicon has a driving range of over 800 kilometers and is able to get a 80% charge in under 30 minutes using the 800 Volts charging system.

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