Death Valley in the West of the USA is by far the most common setting for car manufacturers to make their vehicles withstand extraordinary hot temperatures. It’s the polar opposite of the many testing centers around the pole circle in Northern Sweden, where most vehicles undergo cold weather testing.

Whether it is a Renault Clio or a highly exclusive hypercar like the new Bugatti Chiron, in the end they will all have to endure a similar testing cycle with the difference that a convoy of Bugatti’s cruising down the desert just looks otherworldly.

The engineers and experts at Bugatti put a lot of dedication and work into ensuring the best quality hypercar possible, and their extensive testing program is a testament to that. Apparently no other super sports car of such caliber “completes such an exacting and comprehensive test programme as the Chiron.” Good to know that you are not just paying for the looks.

Currently the hypercar brand has about 30 testing models still in use, four of which traveled out to the United States this summer for endurance testing in the scorching heat of Death Valley and other American deserts. The specific testing program lasted 4.5 weeks and stretched about 35.000 kilometers in total. The max temperature encountered was as high as 51.5 degrees Celsius.

Now check out the official video and see how it is done the Bugatti way.

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