A freak accident in Chicago left a Lamborghini Huracan split in half yesterday. The Italian supercar appears to have struck a traffic light pole, side-on at speed, causing the rear to become detached. The precise circumstances of the accident are still unclear, although witnesses have confirmed that a man was rescued from the Lamborghini before it burst into flames. The man (presumably the driver) was taken to Northwestern Hospital although his condition is unclear.

Dramatic footage posted on social media shows the moment that a group of heroic rescuers pulled the injured driver from the wreck. As the group makes its way towards the back of the wreckage, the engine catches fire. It appears as though the rescuers were able to save the driver with seconds to spare. Take a look for yourself below.

The accident happened at the intersection of S Columbus Dr and E Balbo Dr with reports suggesting that the Lamborghini was shunted from the side. Whatever the circumstances of the accident, it is clear that the carbon fibre and aluminium safety cell did a fantastic job of protecting the occupant.

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  1. The only place where this splitting of the car on impact should occur is on an enclosed,road course with barriers and ambulances on standby.The velocity of the car and energy of impact is far above any amount appropriate for
    a busy public street.Supercars can be exercised on open trackdays at Road America or Gingerman.Its insane to play up the separation of the cockpit compartment and the engine as triumph of safe design.If the Lambo hits a bystanding pedestrian sideways ,does it still split in half?


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