Earlier this year when the Model S 75 was leaked via a Californian air resource board, we already hinted at the possible release of a new range topping version with a 100 kWh battery pack. Now a Dutch blogger seems to have found the official approval through the Dutch vehicle registration agency (RDW), where it’s clearly indicated that the Model S 100D was approved on the 24th of June 2016.

Further information on the approval sheet shows an exact range of 613 kilometers (approximately 380 miles) on a single charge. This new range is however based on the estimations of the New European Driving Circle (NEDC), which in reality is said to be a bit more on the optimistic side of things compared to the EPA rating. Therefore the real world range is expected to be far less than advertised. It’s however yet another step in extending the range of EVs and over 600 kilometers does sound impressive indeed.

The new battery pack would also mean a boost in range for the new Model X SUV, which is of course heavier and less aerodynamic than the Model S sedan. Stay tuned for more news about Tesla’s upcoming battery packs as we expect Tesla Motors to officially release more on the 100 kWh battery pack soon.

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