Ferrari have the FXXK, McLaren the P1 GTR and Aston Martin have this, the spectacular Aston Martin Vulcan. 25 lucky owners will get to experience the Vulcan first hand. Underneath, the Vulcan uses a similar carbon fibre monocoque to the One-77 hypercar. That being said, half of the car is entirely new, Aston Martin have made it stiffer and lighter with the help of engineering firm Multimatic. With an FIA-approved roll cage and a pushrod system with both adjustable dampers and adjustable sway bars; the Vulcan is without a doubt a racecar.

There are a plethora of incredible details and stats including it carbon ceramic brake discs joined with Brembo calipers. The new discs measure 380 mm in diameter up front and 360 mm at the rear. The ABS system comes courtesy of Bosch. Elsewhere, the Vulcan incorporates a limited-slip differential, an advanced variable traction control system as well as a magnesium torque tube complete with a propeller shaft made from lightweight and strong carbon fibre.

The Vulcan features a 7.0 litre V12 powerplant with over 800 hp. The power is sent to the rear wheels via an Xtrac six-speed sequential transmission lifted directly from the Aston Martin Vantage GTE. It sits 100 mm lower than the One-77 and 150kg lighter at 1,350 kg. The interior is quite simply jaw-dropping, we very much wish we could one day experience the brute force of the flaming Vulcan.

This particular example is one of the most aggresive looking finished in matte black with blood red highlight. We certainly approve!

Aston Martin Vulcan  (8)

PHOTOGRAPHY BYFuture Photography
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  1. This car is a gimmick.

    Created by the Aston Martin production factory, with little to know input from the AM racing dept. I worked there and was casually asked by a ‘very senior’ employee if i knew anything about part lifing. Having done some amateur racing I knew a little bit, and offered a very short insight to how to properly manage the life of parts in a race machine, something very basic for top teams.

    They knew nothing about it, never consulted with the AM racing department, and eventually refused my help when I offered to consult them on the issues. As only 25 are being made, I guess they didn’t want to incur lifing costs.

    In short, the Vulcan is a fantastic piece of engineering with absolutely no serious purpose. You can’t drive it on the road, and you can can’t race it. You can however take it to a track day where it’s highly engineered race parts have not been properly tested or lifed – because that’s safe. Mind you, the people buying this car probably don’t care cost of maintaining this vehicle. I bet they care about their own safety though.

    All-in-all it looks great, sounds great but is essentially an utterly useless car. What a shame.


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