The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most infamous sporting events anywhere in the World. Close the principalities streets for a few days and let the worlds fastest cars tear around the narrow streets as fast as they car brushing barriers and speeding past some of the most expensive real estate on the planet.

But what are the very same streets like when they are not closed? Well, Bugatti enthusiasts DutchBugs and Trust look their Veyron, what was once the fastest car ever to be built, around the street circuit…when it was open to traffic. The video highlights how the Formula 1 track is so closely related to the streets literally anybody could drive around for the rest of the year! As you would imagine, it is not anywhere near as fast!

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  1. Boring… where is the comparison??

    I expected kind of a real race – whenever that may be possible, but this is just fake attention grabbing :)


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