Porsche is rather serious about entering the electrical vehicle market with its recently introduced Mission E Concept, having recently revealed its total investment and production timeline of the recently introduced Mission E. It appears that the German sportscar manufacturer is now taking budget allocation to new levels by having reached a wage reduction agreement with its employees at the Zuffenhausen production plant.

Earlier this month, Porsche AG said that it would be investing approximately 1 billion euros into bringing the Porsche Mission E Concept to life by 2020. It was determined that Porsche’s largest production plant, the Zuffenhausen plant, would be the location where the new all-electrical Porsche would go into production. Additionally, there would be space for an extra 1,000 employees to be working on the Mission E Concept.

A bump in the road however, were the current wages of the 13,000 strong workforce at the Zuffenhausen plant according to a source at Porsche. The salaries at Zuffenhausen supposedly exceed those at the Porsche Leizpig plant, as well as the VW plant in Osnabrück where the Porsche Cayman and Cayenne models are assembled.

‘Porsche and its employees at Zuffenhausen together reached an agreement that ultimately led to the decision of producing Porsche’s first all-electric car at its base in Zuffenhausen’, a spokesman at Porsche stated on Tuesday, confirming a report by German magazine Automobilwoche.

Measures to cut costs that were agreed upon appear to include a working week that is up from 34 to 35 hours and reducing salary increase between the years 2016 and 2025, according to Automobilwoche. Porsche however did not confirm any of the details concerning the cost-cutting measures that are stated in the German car magazine. Either way, it’s clear that Porsche’s employees stand behind the cause and are willing to take a wage-cut in exchange for a certain extent of job security and getting to work on one of Porsche’s most exciting projects. A level of dedication that we don’t see so often, all for the love of building cars!

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