Video: LaFerrari Gets Towed in Munich

Just a few days after a stunning Ferrari LaFerrari crashed in Budapest, a short clip has surfaced online showing another LaFerrari on the back of a tow-truck in Munich, Germany.

As it stands, no details are available explaining just why the Italian hybrid hypercar is on the back of a truck but it is likely for one of two reasons; it was either parked illegally or broke down in the city. The fact that the car is wearing license plates suggests that it hasn’t just arrived in the country and wasn’t being delivered to a customer or local dealership.

Whatever the case may be, seeing a LaFerrari on the back of a truck is certainly quite a rare sight. This particular example is made all the more noteworthy thanks to its combination of bright red paint with satin black wheels, yellow centre caps, red brake calipers and a gloss black roof and wing mirrors.

Resigned to the back of a truck, this LaFerrari is seeing all of its 950 horsepower going to waste. Insert sad face


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