While the second-generation Honda NSX was unveiled back in 2012, the production-spec car has a largely unchanged design yet still looks very modern and if anything, quite futuristic. It is therefore little surprise that the new hybrid supercar has proven so popular among designers and renderings across the net.

The latest rendering above comes courtesy of Car Wow and is possibly the craziest, yet completely mythical, NSX creation we’ve seen thus far. Inspired by the latest Star Wars film and created as the ride of Darth Maul, the car is appropriately painted red and black and features sharp edges and pointed spikes just like one of the most recognisable Star Wars characters to inspire it.

Some of the most obvious visual modifications include the installation of a prominent front splitter complete with insane flics on each side. Elsewhere, flared wheel arches have been added as have completely custom side skirts housing Darth Maul’s lightsaber. There is also a large rear wing and protruding spikes across the exterior.

VIACar Wow
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