Top Gear Season 22 Episode 2

As the investigation into Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from the BBC continues, it has emerged that co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond refused a proposal to host the remaining episodes of Season 22 without Clarkson.

The Telegraph reports that May and Hammond were offered to host the live studio segments of Top Gear alongside the pre-recorded segments also airing featuring all three hosts. The duo reportedly rejected the idea and have said that they won’t return to the show unless Jeremy Clarkson is reinstated into his lead presenting role.

According to a source within the BBC, “They didn’t want to do it without Jeremy so the talks didn’t get off the ground. There is a feeling that it is all of them or none of them.”

Previous reports have indicated that the remaining three episodes of Top Gear Season 22 will be broadcast at some stage. U.K. publication Driving reports that Top Gear producers are still editing already filmed segments of the remaining three episodes of Season 22. Driving has learnt from a source within the BBC that these episodes will be broadcast at some date regardless of the outcomes of the ongoing investigation.

Alongside wrapping up editing of these episodes, it is also suggested that the crew at Top Gear is still pushing forward with its bonus episode featuring a comparison test between the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari.

It remains to be seen if Top Gear will go on beyond Season 22 and whether or not Jeremy Clarkson will remain as the TV show’s main host. In a recent column discussing his suspension however, Clarkson alluded to a Top Gear exit after comparing his fate with those of dinosaurs. He also indicated that recent petitions asking for his reinstatement would have no bearing on his Top Gear future.

[Via The Telegraph]

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