A once stunning white Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 has been severely damaged following a high speed crash in Louisiana. Unlike many supercar crashes which we report, the occupants inside the Italian exotic were injured.

According to reports, the 20-year-old drive reportedly borrowed the supercar from his dad and took it for a joyride with a friend. When the sun set and rain started to fall, the inexperienced drive foolishly decided to switch off the traction control presumably to have some fun in the rather heavy mid-engined Murcielago.

While coming around a bend, the driver lost control at approximately 170 km/h and slammed side-on into a large oak tree. The driver shattered his pelvis, dislocated a shoulder, broke 6 ribs and sustained a fractured collar bone in the brutal side-on crash. The passenger broke his hand.

[Via Zero 2 Turbo]

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  1. User manual, page 1 – how to drive a supercar
    first rule: don’t turn off the traction control in the rain if you are not experienced.


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