Stunning 1400HP Nissan GT-R Graveyard Photoshoot!

The Nissan GT-R is really unlike any other sports car or supercar on the market. It is able to achieve insane levels of performance without breaking a sweat all while turning heads and costing less than a luxurious 5-Series.

Stunning 1400HP Nissan GT-R Graveyard Photoshoot!

As a result, it has been hugely successful since originally hitting the market back in 2007. While we eagerly await the next-generation GT-R to arrive with its hybrid powertrain, the current car is still awesome to look at particularly when painted black and fitted with black wheels like this example!

The following Nissan GT-R manages to deliver a brutal Veyron Super Sport beating 1400 hp and Hyprpwr managed to organise a photoshoot with it in a small 19th century graveyard!

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