Liberty Walk BMW M3 Convertible by SR Auto Group

As we’ve discovered during the years, Liberty Walk offers some truly in-your-face and extremely outlandish bodykits for some of the world’s most popular sports cars and supercars. While we’re more accustomed to seeing Liberty Walk tuned Nissan GT-Rs, a unique widebody Liberty Walk BMW M3 Convertible was recently delivered to Vancouver and it is just as eye-catching as you’d expect!

This is the first time we’ve seen an E92 M3 Convertible with the Liberty Walk bodykit fitted and while it inevitably reduces the functionality of the car on the street, we respect the owner for opting for the upgrades. The car was put together by the team at SR Auto Group who also added a set of PUR LX12 wheels which measure a massive 19×10.5 at the front and 19×12 at the rear!

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