It was a very special day at Ferrari factory Maranello as one extraordinary Ferrari collector, John Hunt arrived in style to take delivery of his limited production hybrid sports car, LaFerrari. He drove all the way from London to Modena with two of his children and a group of friends in every Ferrari supercar built to date including the Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50 and the Ferrari Enzo.

“Ferraris are the ultimate sports cars as far as I’m concerned,” is what he told when he paid a visit to Fiorano before setting off on the return journey to England. “I love driving them all, each one is different. I’ve clocked up over 16,000 km in the Enzo alone, for example.”. He declared: “I was completely blown away after just 5 minutes behind the wheel of the LaFerrari. I can’t wait to get to know it inside out but I can already safely say that the LaFerrari is a spectacular car.” when they ask him about his latest addition to the collection.

You might have seen some of these cars in the famous “Tax The Rich” videos including the Ferrari 288 GTO drifting and Ferrari Enzo gymkhana. We can’t wait to see another taxtherich video of the LaFerrari!


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