The Ferrari California T was recently unveiled at Calgary’s Ferrari Maserati of Alberta dealership, much to the anticipation of Alberta’s Ferrari community.

For weeks, members of the Ferrari Club of America – Alberta Chapter, and fans of the brand, have been actively speculating about the unveiling, which had been kept a secret by the Ferrari dealership.

We arrived at the Ferrari unveiling at 7:00 p.m. and were greeted by a friendly crowd of Ferrari owners and enthusiasts already enjoying themselves in the state-of-the-art facility. Four special Ferrari’s sat under velvet covers in the four corners of the vibrant showroom, with food and drinks being served to the event attendees.

Speculation continued about the unveiling, which was only minutes away. Carlo Galasso, Owner of Ferrari/Maserati of Alberta, took to the stage and the crowd fell quiet in anticipation. Months of speculation now came down to this.

A fifteen-minute presentation led up to the unveiling. As Galasso began talking about the Ferrari 250 GT California, it became apparent that the unveiling would be for the new California T.

Galasso built up the momentum, speaking about the California and how it has quickly become one of the brand’s most popular vehicles, before asking his staff to remove the covers from the four cars in the showroom. The California T was revealed to the approving applause of the audience.

The 2015 California T builds upon the existing California platform, with a new face-lift, more interior and exterior styling options and an impressive turbocharged V8 motor!

The California T is one of only a handful of Ferrari’s to have been outfitted with the twin turbocharged setup. Only Ferrari’s F1 cars and the legendary F40 have seen the turbo technology integrated, but now we have another factory Ferrari equipped with twin turbos.

The 2015 California T is powered by a 3.9L Turbocharged V8, which produces 560 hp/557 lb-ft. The engine decreases in size from the existing California models from 4.3L to 3.9L, helping to provide a 15 per cent decrease in fuel consumption. This turbocharged California has 100 hp more than the California did when it was first introduced in 2009.

Overall, the California T is an impressive supercar that is sure to become quite popular among Ferrari owners present and future. We’re excited about the official release of the car to the Canadian market, as well as Ferrari’s global market.

After talking with many members of the FCA – Alberta Chapter, we got a sense that the car received their approval, and many look forward to seeing the car on Alberta’s roads in the near future.

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