Video: Armytrix Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Howls in Tunnel!

We’ve shown you this insane bright blue Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R on numerous occasions and for good reason; it is probably the most insane road-legal GT-R on the planet in terms of looks and its overall presence.


One of the key features of this particular GT-R is the truly epic Armytrix exhaust system which it has been fitted with. Filmed here from just above the exhaust in a Japanese tunnel, the road created by this GT-R is truly incredible and completely unlike the rather subdued sound of the regular car!

Elsewhere, it includes the Liberty Walk widebody kit which includes a revised rear bumper, diffuser, flared wheel arches front and rear, extended side skirts, a completely new front bumper and splitter and a massive rear wing. All up, the kit can be purchased for just over $27,000.

This particular GT-R by Liberty Walk is complete unique however because it doesn’t feature that massive rear wing and instead, include a large bootlip spoiler which actually really works with the overall look of this car. Additionally, it is rolling on deep concave, flat black Forgiato wheels and features bright green brake calipers!

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