Wrecked Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador Towed

Following the recent horrific crash involving a stunning matte black Lamborghini Aventador in the heart of London, the difficult to watch footage of it being pulled onto a truck has been revealed.


The crash occurred after a Mazda 5 turned out in front of the Aventador on famous Sloane Street. The Aventador then got airborne where it collided with a Toyota and then a BMW. On top of the visual damage at the front end with a new bumper definitely being needed, there’s a good chance all four wheels have suffered stress fractures from landing heavily. Additionally, serious suspension damage is likely to have been caused.

Just to refresh your memory, the Aventador features a 6.5 liter V12 engine that produces 700 hp at 8,250 rpm and 690 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. Using thrust mode – Lamborghini’s version of launch control – allows you to reach 100 km/h in less than three seconds, 2.9 to be precise and 0-200 km/h is done in a staggering 8.9 seconds flat. In the right environment you will keep accelerating all the way up to 351 km/h and pull 1.3 G when braking from 100-0 km/h. Phenomenal figures indeed and likely to be improved in future Aventador variants!

Stay tuned to GTspirit as more about this story continues to develop.

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