Insane 1200hp Switzer Nissan GT-R Hits the Dyno

When you consider that when the Nissan GT-R was revealed, Nissan said it was literally untuneable, it is quite incredible to look at it now being one of the most heavily tuned cars on the market!


Switzer Performance is arguably the leader in tuning the Nissan GT-R and the following car comes courtesy of Total Car Concept features Switzer’s E1K package. Additionally, it features a new transmission, Dodson clutch, HKS transmission cooler, Switzer radiator. Helping the aforementioned upgraded components work to their fullest to deliver the most power, the car is completed with a custom mapped Syvecs ECU. Additionally, the car features AP-Racing brakes!

While recently strapped onto the dyno, this insane Nissan GT-R managed to produce 1212 hp at the flywheel or 1087 hp at all four wheels. As for torque, it delivers an insane 1,285 Nm!


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