This is the 2014 Scuderia Ferrari F1 Engine

Recently, a mysterious 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari prototype was spotted lapping Fiorano. Currently, it is believed that Ferrari was testing next year’s Formula One turbocharged six-cylinder engine in the prototype because real track testing is not allowed. While it remains to be seen if that LaFerrari prototype was indeed sporting such an engine, we now know some of the key details about the new engine courtesy of this official Ferrari video.


The clip takes an in-depth look into the company’s 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine as well as the much more powerful 160 hp KERS unit. Additionally, Ferrari has confirmed that the new engine will be dubbed the 059/3. The engines will rev to 15,000 rpm rather than the 18,000 rpm they currently rev to. One of the most crucial changes next year is that each car will only have five engines to last the complete season. By comparison, this season each driver had 8 engines to use. What this means is that each engine next year will have to last at least 4,000 km.

Just like the engines produced by rivals Renault and Mercedes AMG, the Ferrari 059/3 should produce around 600 hp with a further 160 hp coming from the KERS system which can provide that extra power for around 30 seconds per lap.

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