Watch a Ferrari F430 Spider Navigate a Tiny Greek Road

While owning a supercar certainly has many upsides, one big limitation is not being able to get through tight spaces most other cars can squeeze through with ease. Whether this be in a tight carpark, or as demonstrated here, an extremely narrow cobblestone road, there are times when driving a Smart car would be so much easier.


The following video was filmed in Zagorohoria in north-western Greece and showcases just how difficult driving a Ferrari F430 Spider through the town is. While this video may only be 5 minutes long, it is said that it took the Ferrari F430 Spider owner 20 minutes to travel just 100 meters without hitting the harsh rock and bright walls.

While the Ferrari seems to have escaped any visual damage, when the driver reaches the top the engine screams for air as smoke pours out from the engine bay! All that effort, and the driver will have to use the same route to get back down…


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