Toyota GT86 Hybrid Development Confirmed

Toyota has confirmed that development of a Toyota GT86 Hybrid is currently underway. The Japanese automaker also revealed that development is actually quite advanced when speaking at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2013.

When speaking with Autocar, Toyota senior manager for drivetrain engineering, Koei Saga said, “The development work is quite advanced now, so if the green light is given, we are ready to do it.”

“We are quite prepared because we do have a hybrid system that we can use for that kind of vehicle, utilising the production passenger car hybrid system, and we also have the pure race-oriented hybrid system [in the TS030 LMP1 racer and Prius GT300 from Japan’s Super GT series].

“So I think it won’t be very far in the future that the green light will come.”

This news comes as no real surprise since it was reported recently that Toyota was looking to increase power of the Toyota GT86 to the 250hp region from either forced induction, a larger displacement four-cylinder engine or a hybrid drivetrain. If the Toyota GT86 Hybrid does indeed receive the green light for production, then expect it to maintain the standard 6-speed manual transmission. Despite the extra weight of a hybrid, Saga confirmed the car will still be a true driver’s car.

“…with a good layout design, we think that even if may be a bit heavier, it can be a fun car to drive,” he said.

[Via Autocar]

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