While Formula 1 has called Silverstone home for quite a few decades now, to say the least, rumors circulated in 2012 about moving the famed British race to a city circuit in downtown London.

The boys from XCar decided to take a Caterham Supersport to London and drive the proposed route for the F1 track in the dead of night. With the British Grand Prix occuring this weekend, now seems the perfect time to revisit the circuit that could have been if Bernie Ecclestone had his way.

The proposed London city circuit was to encompass just over 3.2 miles, with the start/finish straight to be at The Mall. The circuit would hit all the major London landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, the Wellington Memorial and Parliament Square. In terms of a spectacle, the front straight would provide some of the most spectacular views in Formula 1 as the cars rocket down at 170+ mph straight towards a 90 degree right hander just before Buckingham Palace.

XCar is not the first to imagine what a London street race would look like. Fellow gearheads Speedmerchantmedia created a computer generated interpretation of what the track could possibly look like. You can check out that video below.

What do you think about a London F1 race through the city streets? Let us know in the comments below!

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