Render: Lamborghini Veneno With ADV.1 Wheels

Even though the Lamborghini Veneno may not have the performance capabilities of either the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari, it unquestionably has been designed without a single care for what Lamborghini’s competitors are doing as evidenced by its limited production run, extreme bodywork and rather outdated internal combustion technology.

And as if the Lamborghini Veneno needed to be anymore bespoke, the team at ADV.1 Wheels has just released the following rendering of the insane Italian hypercar rolling on a set of ADV5.0 Track Spec wheels.

These new wheels are somewhat dosile compared to the standard set fitted to the Lamborghini Veneno but they definitely give the Lamborghini Veneno a more refined look!

[Via Facebook]

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  1. why is the such an obsession with putting aftermarket wheels on a car like this? It's completely unnecessary.
    "more refined" my ass…


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