BMW M5 Cabrio by X-Tomi Design

Virtual tuner X-Tomi Design has rendered a cabrio version of the BMW F10 M5. The BMW M5 line has not seen a cabrio variant unlike its counterpart the M6 line or the M3. In fact, in February 2010 during the BMW’s 25th Anniversary of the M5, they revealed a prototype M5 touring along with an E34 M5 Cabriolet but sadly it was never produced.

The render by X-Tomi Design shows nothing different from what we have seen in other BMW cabriolet versions. It appears to utilize a fabric roof and while others come in four doors, this BMW M5 cabrio comes in two door, indicating a move to shed off any unnecessary weight. The BMW M5 line has had a good history, it was even the fastest production sedan in the world at the time of its introduction back in 1984.

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