Ralph Gilles unquestionably has one of the best and yet most scrutinised jobs in the automotive market. The CEO of SRT was at the forefront of the development of the new Viper GTS and with such a legacy to follow after the original Dodge Viper, Gilles always had his work cut out.

Fortunately, development of the new SRT Viper GTS went according to plan and production of the car is now fully underway. One of the first customers of the new Viper GTS was Gilles himself who instead of letting his workforce build the entire car, decided to get his hands dirty and help the assembly of what will be his new Viper.

Gilles headed down to the assembly plant and under the guidance of team leader, Tony Banks managed to tighten some bolts, quality check the car while also installing the doors on the new Viper GTS. Even though Gilles wasn’t creating carbon fiber compounds or casting the panels of the car, it’s good to see a CEO becoming personally involved in the production of a supercar.

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