Jaguar’s F-Type sports car is the British brand’s first entrant into such a sport-focused market and as a result, one could be excused for not being overly harsh on the brand as after all this is their first true attempt at such a venture. However, if the opinions present in Jaguar’s latest video for the car are to be believed, the F-Type will be a true sports car able to compete with the best of Porsche and its Boxster and 911 models.

In order to make the video appear that much more exciting, Jaguar recruited the help of Formula One commentator and ex-F1 racer Martin Brundle, Christian Danner who once raced IndyCar and F1 as well as Tran-am star Justin Bell who took to the track in both the F-Type S and F-Type V8 S models.

The F-Type S is the mid-range model and utilises a 3.0 liter V6 engine producing an impressive 380hp, can hit 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 275km/h, and will be offered as both a manual and automatic.

Conversely, the V8 S is the most potent specification offered by Jaguar with its engine producing 495hp and 625Nm of torque. Consequently, the V8 model can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds and onto an electronically limited top speed of 300km/h.

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