It’s almost ridiculous to think about just how long Acura/Honda has been planning a replacement for its NSX sports car. The first reports about such a car were released in 2007 and since then it almost seems as though it’s been put on hold and then resumed and then put on hold more times than Lamborghini with its Estoque concept. Despite this however, the company does plan to bring it into production by late next year or early 2014 depending on which rumors you believe.

Unfortunately, due to the technology and extensive hours put into the development of the new Acura NSX, the latest reports suggest that it’ll cost in excess of $100,000 when it does eventually hit the market. In fact, it’s rumoured to come in at a base price closer to $130,000 in the US, which will make it approximately $35,000 more than the Nissan GT-R and yet it’s likely to be significantly less powerful and quite a lot slower.

The concept version of the NSX featured a V6 engine but unfortunately, Acura has remained very tight lipped about any clear specifications about this powertrain. Nevertheless, it should easily produce in excess of 450hp and may receive some form of forced induction.

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  1. Assuming of course they actually follow thru this time and build the bloody thing . Word on the street here is ‘ Don’t hold your breath ‘ as Acura’s been waffling again
    as to whether it’ll reach production or not . I’ll bet not considering the price/performance etc .

    Sheesh . The last time Acura did an NSX the thing was a Ferrari beater and was a bargain when it came to the price . So who”ll buy this at ZR1 prices when a ZR1 will have it for breakfast ? I’ll be it gets shelved …… again …. Seinfeld/Leno bump or not


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