The more power you put into a car, the more temperamental it becomes. That is a fact. With that in mind, this 1730whp Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was always going to need a very lucky day in order to set a time on the one mile course.

Sadly, this video doesn’t show one of those lucky days. However, its interesting just to see the intimidating presence of the Twin-Turbo Gallardo Superleggera. The car started out as an Underground Racing build. It seems that the owner broke it and has since been tinkering to make it as fast as possible.

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers!

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  1. It appears that its only 2wd… The front wheels aren’t digging at all. Also, Those tires make it look like it has a lift kit. It’s 5 inches off the ground!!

  2. Why not put 2000whp in it … sounds familiar? First time I’ve seen Hoosier tires on a Lamborghini I have to admit … I can hear Dominic say ‘not a bad way to spend $10,000’ … although I don’t think the owner will get away with only 10K


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