In 2013, Lamborghini will be 50 years old! Stephan Winkelmann recently confirmed that the company would celebrate with a new model next year, although nobody seems certain about what it could be. The news follows a recent interview granted to Los Angeles-based publication Automotive News. He is quoted as saying that the special car will “not be a revival or retro”.

That immediately rules out the Lamborghini Miura concept that has sat gathering dust in the Lamborghini factory for years. Other more likely candidates include the Urus SUV, although recent reports suggest that this may not happen, or the Lamborghini Estoque four-door sedan. Of course, Winkelmann could be talking about a new, F70 beater, or he could simply be talking about a special edition model of an existing supercar.

To celebrate Lamborghini’s 25th anniversary, Lamborghini released a special edition of the Countach, for the 30th anniversary a Diablo special edition broke cover and for the recent 40th anniversary we got a special edition Murcielago. Perhaps the Aventador will now join this collectors range? The final option is a car like the Aventador J or the Reventon, something that looks new, but is built on a tried and tested platform.

Lamborghini isn’t expected to release a new Gallardo-successor until 2014. We’ve known for a while that Lamborghini will produce a limited number of Sesto Elemento copies. This could be another option. The concept has been doing the rounds at dealerships worldwide. If it is the Sesto Elemento, Lamborghini customers are likely to expect a sneak peak into the Gallardo successor rather than a car based on the current generation.

Of course, for Lamborghini customers that aren’t interested in purchasing the latest and greatest, Lamborghini will hold the Grande Giro Lamborghini in May and is asking owners worldwide to ship their cars to Milan. To help do so, Lamborghini is offering logistical support through a website. The factory will offer several chase teams to look after the cars and any Lamborghini owner will be welcome.

Finally, we learn that the Aventador enjoys an 18 month waiting list at the moment. Lamborghini currently has a capacity of between 900 and 1,000 Aventadors annually.

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