The Nissan GT-R is unquestionably one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Not only can the latest 2013/14 model hit 100km/h in less than three seconds, it’s also capable of sprinting around the Nurburgring in just over second minutes and thanks to TopSpeed Motorsports, the GT-R can place another lap record trophy on its mantle as Leh Keen recently piloted one around Road Atlanta in just 1 minute and 23.8 seconds.

The particular GT-R in question was tuned by TopSpeed Motorsports and even though it’s unclear what modifications have been installed, two things are immediately apparent. Firstly that this car is insanely fast and secondly, that this GT-R is one of the best sounding Nissan’s we’ve ever heard!

The regular GT-R has never been known for its screaming exhaust note, however, the exhaust system fitted in this particular car just screams out for attention and really adds something to an already extraordinary car. By achieving such a feat, Leh Keen and TopSpeed Motorsports set the fastest Nissan GT-R laptime around Road Atlanta while simultaneously setting a new NASA TTR class record. Not bad considering the driver wasn’t even wearing a racing suit!

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