The Porsche Boxster, while often labeled as the “baby” of the Porsche range is a high performance car, regardless of bias. However, as with any high performance car, certain skill and attentiveness is required when driving, even at normal speeds.

When high speeds are coupled with an Autobahn that is slick with rain, however, that tantalizing mix of speed and danger can become all that too familiar. In a recent video uploaded by GTBoard, we can see the consequences of just such an occasion – an occasion where all those factors combine into a road that, to the unskilled driver, can prove disastrous – even deadly.

In the video below, a Porsche Boxster, traveling on what can only be described as a surface that wouldn’t be all that unfamiliar to local skiers, crash into the center divider of the Autobahn somewhere in Germany. As of now, no word has come through on the speed the driver was traveling.

Information the health of the driver and/or passenger cannot be confirmed at this time. We won’t speculate as to the cause of the accident, but the conditions undoubtedly played a large role. Combine that with the unrestricted speeds of the Autobahn and it can be a recipe for disaster.

We hope everyone walked away without serious injury.

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  1. Not all sections of the autobahn have “unrestricted speeds”, and speed limits apply in wet/slippery conditions. This article is speculative nonsense.


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