Porsche is one of the best selling sports car brands in the world and it looked like the wanted to show that in Brussels by bringing no less than 20 different cars to the show. Most important of course were the all new Turbo S and Macan GTS, both presented as European premieres.

The Macan GTS has an output of 360 hp and settles in between the Turbo and S version, which both were also in Brussels. The refreshed 911 Turbo S Coupé now packs 580 hp and can let you sprint from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. New to the Turbo S are intake ducts, new injectors and bigger turbos. A combination of that with higher fuel pressure give the Turbo S 20 hp more than its predecessor.

When it comes to racing Porsche brought the Cayman GT4 and its bigger brother, the GT3 RS. Next to these two absolute beauties there was a 911 RSR and 919 Mock Up. Both car won’t drive a single meter because the 911 is 50% built out of lego, and the 919 is a just a full scale model. Last but not least is Porsche greatest car from the last year, the 918 Spider.

PHOTOGRAPHY BYSteven Vaneeckhaute
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