G-Power is back with an incredible project. They got their hands on a BMW 1-Series M Coupe and with a bit of tuning, and a supercharged V8 lifted from the M3 E9x, created a 600hp monster! It’s named the G1 V8 Hurricane RS and it is the world’s fastest BMW 1M Coupe!

The project celebrates the company’s thirth anniversary next year. G-Power point out that the 1M already features the front and rear axle from the M3, why not expand upon it! So they transplanted the entire BMW M3 V8 unit into the 1M, complete with DCT gearbox. What’s more, G-Power added a new supercharger system to the mix, custom produced to fit into the engine bay.

G-Power’s complete system adds another 180hp to the 420hp that comes with the E92 M3. In total, the package now offers 600hp at 7,800rpm and 580Nm at 3,900rpm. Top speed is greater than 330km/h and 0 to 100km/h happens in 4.4 seconds, 0 to 200km/h in 12.7 seconds.

The modifications include a new tailor made T1-523 ASA centrifugal supercharger, an aluminium high-strength mount, an aluminium cast air box, a racing air filter, a water circulated boost cooling system and a large water-to-air intercooler. G-Power also fitted a stainless steel exhaust system designed for the 1M Coupe and its high-flow supercharger.

The wheels are 20 inch G-Power Silverstone Diamond wheels coupled with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires measuring 255/30 ZR20 at the front axle and 295/25 ZR20 at the rear axle. Mov’it provided a high-performance braking solution for the G1 V8 Hurricane RS. It features 396mm diameter ceramic-carbon brake discs, reducing weight by 50 percent and improving fade.

The G-Power Clubsport suspension system features an adjustable coilover kit with independently adjustable compression and rebound. It also features adjustable dampers and support bearings that enable correction of camber or caster according to the individual purpose.

G-Power added a carbon fiber bonnet constructed from carbon fiber and designed to resemble the M3 design. At the rear a carbon boot lid spoiler has also been fitted to reduce lift. Inside, G-Power offers premium leather and Alcantara, hand crafted to the owners individual taste.

The title of work’s fastest 1M Coupe can now be added to G-Power’s list of record breakers. They already gave us the world`s fastest sedan, the M5 Hurricane RR, the world’s fastest LPG-powered car, the M5 Hurricane GS, the world’s fastest estate car, the M5 Hurricane RS Touring and the world’s fastest four-seated Coupé, the M6 Hurricane RR. Now the G1 V8 Hurricane RS join the stable!

The package is limited to just thirty cars at a cost of 141,176.80 euros net of tax. What a way to celebrate thirty years!

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