Vellano Forged Wheels recently released a set of photos from one of their latest projects. The Verde Ithaca Lamborghini Aventador you see in the pictures is part of a larger collection. Vellano designed the wheels specifically for the customer. They built, shipped and fitted them in just over two weeks.

The wheel sizes have increased by an inch both front and rear. They now measure 9×20 inches at the front fitted with 255/30R20 rubber, and 13.5×21 inches at the rear fitted with a 355/25R21. The design is called VKK Concave and features a chrome finish with painted black gloss face.

This particular Aventador features a Verde Ithaca wrap, covering and protecting the original white paintwork. It has been fitted with an exhaust upgrade, ecu enhancements and we’re told that it also has suspension upgrades. Its possible that the owner might go for more extreme power upgrades in the future too!

The work was completed by Vogue Auto Design.

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