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G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS

Official: G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS

G-Power is back with an incredible project. They got their hands on a BMW 1-Series M Coupe and with a bit of tuning, and...

Car Crash: 40-year-old French Driver Crashes G-Power Hurricane

Thursday morning around 5:30 AM a 40-year-old French driver crashed his powerful G-Power Hurricane RS or RR on its way from Weilach to Autenzell...

Official: G-Power Hurricane RR

G-Power have built on the success of the Hurricane RS with the Hurricane RR. The car reached a verified 372,1km/h (231mph) after changing the...

M5Board Drives G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR

Gustav from M5Board.com has driven the G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR V10 bi-kompressor producing up to 800hp. His experience was captured in a video...

BMW M5 Hurricane G-Power

These days BMW's M5 is having serious competitors, with the Audi RS6 breathing out 580 bhp out of its V10 engine and the E-Class...