The latest project to leave the Wheelsandmore garage is the Audi R8 GT Spyder. The German tuning company fitted a set of wheels to this particular supercar. The pictures reveal the car has been fitted with two different sets of wheels. A carbon fiber wheels and a more standard wheel with a matte black face and silver lip.

The carbon wheels in the pictures are 6Sporz² wheels with a carbon-look finish. they feature a three-piece, forged design and they are hand crafted in Germany. The second set are essentially the same 6Sporz² ultralight forged wheels. Both are 20 inches and prices start at 8,277 euros. A set of Wheelsandmore 6Sporz megalight wheels are also available in 20/21 inch staggered sizes with carbon rims and forged centers.

Wheelsandmore also offer a number of other solutions for the R8 GT Spyder. The car can be lowered by between 15mm and 30mm using a special suspension package costing 756 euros. An adjustable springkit is also available at a cost of 1,260 euros. An aluminium race suspension kit , adjustable for compression, costs 2,419 euros and hydraulic suspension is available, compression and rebound adjustable, for 7,562 euros.

A stainless steel sports exhaust system complete with muffler, remote valve flaps, serial end tips and 15hp extra power. This is priced at 4,068 euros. Three stages of tuning are available too. Stage 1 offers an ECU upgrades for 595hp and 575Nm of torque priced at 2,942 euros. Stage 2 offers the ECU upgrades and the exhaust system to unlock 611hp and 585Nm for 7,005 euros. Finally, Stage 3 totals up to 620hp and 590Nm of torque with the addition of an airbox for 7,694 euros.

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