Lamborghini LP640 Owner Meets Angry Man

It appears that some people don’t appreciate the sound of a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Take for instance the man in this video. He really isn’t happy when the owner of this Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 revs his car a little for the Supercarsoflondon.

Just to clarify, the car features a few aftermarket SV parts, including the decals. It is however, just an LP640 with LP670-4 SV parts. Enjoy this little slice of comedy!

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

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  1. Hahaha should have just revved more and just yelled I can’t hear you and done a burnout and launch controled off :D

  2. angry man is totally right, just because you like cars and you are interested in “high revs” doesn’t mean you can fuck people’s ears, then they fuck yours too with yelling like this. stupid.

  3. Or maybe the guy just doesn’t want to listen to the pretentious , inconsiderate ____ and his MoreMoneyThanBrains BoyToy disturbing his day .

    When you’re an ____ you’re an _____ no matter what car you drive !

    And Lambo owner is one major ____

    If that’d been me I’d of dragged him out of his car and taught his _____ a lesson on manners ;-)


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