If you’ve been watching the news, you will, no doubt, have heard about the earthquake that struck northern Italy this morning. 15 were feared dead as a second powerful earthquake hit the Emilia Romagna region just after 9am. The quake was measured at magnitude 5.8 with an epicenter 30 miles northwest of Bologna. This puts the affected area close to the main Italian Automakers, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani. We thought we’d bring an update.

Starting with Lamborghini who’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory was 19 miles from the epicentre. They were quick to let everyone know that everything is fine at the factory. No damage was caused to buildings but the production process has been shut down for the day. Lamborghini said, in an official statement, that they were checking the factory for further signs of damage and assessing the position with suppliers to predict a potential shortage of supplies.

Ferrari released an official statement confirmed that its factory and other operations didn’t sustain damage but production lines were closed as a precaution “for the safety of families and people getting to and from work.” Maserati followed suit as did Ducati and Pagani, all four will resume production as soon as possible.

It seems that while Italy suffered heavily from today’s earthquake. Italian Automakers, fortunately, suffered very little damage.

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  1. Great to hear, theyve had enough hardship i hope this is the last of it and they can all try and get back to normal.

    Geronimo: This is an automotive website, we all know that people died its all over the regular news. whats good is that the companies are acting responsibly to stop potential further loss of life. And as a bonus the factories havent been damaged, protecting jobs and the companies in a global recession. Enabling them to contribute towards Italys enconomy and help pay for damage caused by this and any further earthquake/disaster.


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