The fourth Annual Concorso Ferrari was held on May 6, 2012. Hosted by the Ferrari Club of America-Southwest Region (FCA-SW), it is one of the best annual car events one can possibly attend. Held in Old Town Pasadena this event is open to the public and best of all it’s FREE. Very rarely does one get to attend a judged Concours event for free without having to be a part of the media, but this is one rare such event. Entry is open to all FCA-SW members, but space is limited to 150 cars and only pre-1999 Ferrari’s are open for judging.

Colorado Boulevard provides the perfect setting for the car show featuring some of the best automobiles to ever come out of Modena, Italy. With it’s old town charm the Prancing Horses look right at home, you can just imagine some of these classic cruising down Colorado Blvd in Old Town Pasadena when it was just Pasadena. Such classics as the Vignale bodied 1951 212 Inter, 250 TdF, 250 ‘Lusso’, 250 GTF, 250 prototype, Daytona’s, 275 GTB, 512 BBi and the list goes on and on and on. Even the modern day Ferrari’s where well represented by a pair of Enzo’s, several 599’s including a GTO, F430’s and 458 Italia’s. If you are a fan of the Prancing Horse this is definitely a can’t miss show.

But there wasn’t only road going Ferrari’s present, there was also a pair of retired Formula 1 cars in the form of Niki Lauda’s Ferrari and Michael Schumacher’s F2001. Yours truly was lucky enough to arrive early and get to hear Niki Lauda’s F1 car as it drove down Colorado Blvd to its spot. You could literally hear the car coming from blocks away as its wonderful Ferrari power-plant made sounds which reverberated off the buildings walls and made the ground shake.

The gentleman behind the wheel was gracious enough to give it a few quick revs which brought instant smiles to everyone’s faces. Ears where but two feet from the exhaust when he did this and even though you lost your hearing for a little bit, it was well worth it. Tony Nobles the owner of the F2001 didn’t fire up his F1 car, but he was gracious enough to let dozens of small children sit in the car and hold the same steering wheel in their hands that Michael Schumacher held on his way to yet another F1 championship.

Concorso Ferrari is a great event for the whole family, so if you didn’t get to attend this year make sure you attend next year! Check out cncpics on Facebook and on the Web for more!

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