Porsche is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, combined with 60 years 911. After the festivities in Stuttgart and a gathering at the Hockenheimring one week before, the Porsche community came together in central Switzerland – 1500 cars from all generations were lined up on an airfield surrounded by majestic mountains. The weather was perfect and 8000 spectators enjoyed the cars and showed how popular the brand is in Switzerland.

We were invited to join the Porsche Festival and our man, David Kaiser, in his 2003 Carrera 4S shares his impressions via the following sets of photos. The main attraction, of course, are the Porsches, all lined up by type and generation. Absolutely stunning to take a walk along the runway. When did you last see around 240 GT-cars together?

Strolling along the generations of 911s and the other Porsche models, the full range of options and colors could be seen, from a basic Carrera to carefully personalised and customied beauties. Not to mention the many number plates fitting with their cars. 75years of Porsche history shown on a runway.

Behind the “Gallery of Dreams” parking area was a section “Racetrack” where people could book taxi-drives with current models or experience the intense acceleration of a Taycan Turbo S, always safe with professional drivers behind the wheel.

In the exhibition area, Porsche showcased around 60 cars with different partners such as the Porsche Museum bringing one example of each 911 generation. Porsche Classic were there as well as a starting grid of local Cup cars. The concept and racecar display had a 919 Hybrid and the latest 963 LeMans car, the Mission R and Vision 357. Various guests including Walter Röhrl (the Legend), Neel Jani (LeMans winner) or Michael Mauer (Head of Porsche Style) came on stage as guest speaker.

The Festival had his own Concours d’Elegance with about 50 Porsches divided in model specific categories; it’s not everyday you see a Boxter/Cayman class at an Concours. There was further a “Legends Alive Contest” where Porsche Centres compete against each other in modifying a first generation Cayenne.

“Best of Show” winner in the category “Special and Exclusive-Models” was a highly customised 997 Carrera 4S matching to the owner’s plush tiger.

To sum it up, a great gathering of 1500+ Porsche owners with their beloved cars, completed by various attractions and displays from Porsche, located on an airfield surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Thank you Porsche Schweiz for organising this popular event again after 2018, it was a blast.

Images from Porsche CH & David Kaiser

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