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Black on Black Ferrari 458 Italia by Luxury Custom

A few years ago we saw an automotive styling trend known as "Murdered Out" emerge. The process involves blacking out the entire car from...
Ferrari 458 Italia Burns at the Roadside

Ferrari 458 Italia Burns at the Roadside

It seems that the Ferrari 458 Italia still hasn't shaken that ridiculous propensity to set itself on fire. The latest victim is this red...
Spotted One-off Ferrari GT Aperta

Spotted: One-off Ferrari GT Aperta

A user over at Carscoop came across this special edition and one-off Ferrari GT Aperta in Switzerland. The model is based on the roofless...

Video: Aston Martin on Ice Driving Experience

Aston Martin has released a video showing their driving experience on ice and snow. The 2010 'Aston Martin On Ice' event took place in...

For Sale: McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream by Ueli Anliker

The mother of the overkill scene is for sale! Owned by Swiss entrepreneur Ueli Anliker, the McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream is up...