With 2023 slated to be the last year of production for the iconic Dodge Charger and Challenger, before the world goes EV, Dodge decided to give them a worthy send-off. Available this year are the Dodge “Last Call” special editions.

The first is the Dodge Charger King Daytona. This Go Mango-colored Charger is based on the Hellcat Redeye platform but boasts 807 hp instead of the paltry 797 hp. Tire-spinning excess is a good thing. There will be 300 made so if you want the ultimate Charger, the window is closing fast. Get to your dealer pronto.

The other “Last Call” model is the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost. Back in the late-sixties a black Challenger would occasionally turn up at the illegal street races around Detroit. It always won, then quickly disappeared into the night. It became legend amongst the Detroit street racers, whispered and watched for. Several months might pass before it would reappear and best another hot racer. Dodge has chosen to immortalize it with a special edition Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody. Boasting 807hp like it’s King Daytona twin, it’s the ultimate final edition.

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