Video Hennessey Ford GT Sets New Standing 12 Mile World Record

Check Sean Kennedy running 212.9mph in a standing half mile setting a new world record at the Houston Half Mile Shootout last week. Sean is driving Hennessey’s tuned twin-turbocharged Ford GT owned by Mark Heidaker.

The same car set a wold record in March when it reached 257.7mph on the full standing mile. You can check out the videos of this run right here.

We want to congratulate the whole team at Hennessey Performance achieving another world record.

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  1. Good ole ‘ Mericun ‘ muscle . Kicking the ____ out of them there Euro trash pretenders ….. once again …….. barely a week after Shelby’s passing ( Historical reference Shelby was who developed the original GT40 from an also ran to a winner ) Too bad Carol didn’t get to see this one .

    Bye bye VeryGonewrong . You done been bested by us’n crude and rude Yanks …. just like those that came afer ya !

    Now if Ford would just get some sense and re-issue or update the Ford GT and send them thar Tralian pretenders , Ferrari and Audi oops meant Lamborghini back home with their tales between their legs as well

  2. Driving in a straight line isn’t an all-encompasing delcaration of superiority in all possible categories – it is just that one in particular. As usual, the posters here, pro-American drag racing, are very keen on making one drag race appear as if all euro cars have been eclipsed in all categories. As usual, allow me to bring to your attention, that this car is great, but will not blow away everything on a track AND COMPETITIONS THAT REQUIRE TURNING; that is where the european cars have always stood up and proven, as always, that races are on tracks for men, not in a straight line for girls. There, as always, is a much larger picture than just drag racing – comfort and quality being a few of those factors as well. A car needs balance,suspension, and engineering feats of excellence to do laps and take turns, something American cars have historically been mediocre at, at best. You can keep the doggy-punchin’ Ford any day – I’ll stick to a product with overall quality, not in-a-straight-line excellence.

  3. well if ya can’t turn a wheel your no good at drag raceing or circuit raceing.

    comments like that are from those that have no idea and or the concept of car controll.

    so what you have basically said to all here is you have no car controll at all, you try keep’n a high powered car straight on roads that have bumps/debris at 200+ MP/h (thats car controll).(by no means am i say’n there are bumps here).

    you do that you can turn a car on a circuit with easy,

    Amerature Steerier!


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